Applies for: Temporary visitors for lawful purposes: tourism, sports, health, education, science, art or perform commercial transactions not involving the simultaneous import of goods; and their closest relatives within the second degree of consanguinity and first of affinity.


1.      Letter requesting the visa, signed by the applicant, or signed by the business institution or organization that sponsors addressed to the Consul General or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Movility.

  1. Application form of visa, filled out and signed. Form can be found in the web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Human Movility,
  2. Original passport with a validity time of at least six.
  3. Two recent photographs, in color white background.
  4. Latest bank statement or letter from a financial institution, which shows that the applicant has a balance of at least two thousand dollars (total $ 2,000) that they’ll be able to access while in Ecuador. Funds should be equal to a living wage for each month of stay ($350).
  5. For shelter visas of the closest relatives, legalized or apostille marriage and/or birth certificate must be attached.
  6. If applicant is underage, or if supported by parents or guardians, notarized letter from the parents or guardians, stating that they will support the volunteer while in Ecuador, plus latest bank statement or letter from a financial institution, which shows that the parents or guardians have a balance of at least two thousand dollars ( total $ 2,000) that the applicant will be able to access while in Ecuador.

8.      If applicant is underage, the child must appear with at least one of the parents with written authorization from the absent parent, signed in front of a Notary; or if the child appears with another adult, this person must present written authorization from both parents, signed in front of a Notary.

All document in a foreign language must be translated and have the signature recognition of the translator before a public notary.  When the translation has been done abroad, it must be legalized or apostille before an Ecuadorian Consulate in the country of origin. The translation can also be done in Ecuador. The translator cannot be an interested party of the process. Note: Documents should be submitted according to the established requirements page. The process is personal

Article 22 of the Foreign Law.- Officers, Foreign Service and the Department and the Directorate of Immigration, will have broad powers to require verification of the statements set out in applications for visas and other immigration documents and to ensure and investigate the concurrence of any of the causes of exclusion provided by the Migration Law.

Visa Validity: Minimum ninety-one days(91), maximum one hundred and eighty days (180) in each twelve-month period (not calendar year), counted from the arrival of the foreigner to Ecuador.  Entries are  multiple.                                                    

VISA: US$ 400          TOTAL US $450                                           Dependents: US$ 250 each


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